Zhenming Liu

Zhenming Liu received his PhD from Harvard University and a BEng from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He spent two years as a postdoc at Princeton University and two years as a quant researcher in Two Sigma Investments. Since 2016, he has been an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the College of William & Mary.

Dr. Liu’s primary research interest is in the interplay between theory and machine learning. He was awarded two NSF grants and best papers from FAST 2019, SDM 2019 (best data science paper), Infocom 2015 (runner up), and PKDD 2010 (student paper).

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Recent and Selected Publications

Adaptive Reduced Rank Regression
Qiong Wu, Felix Ming Fai Wong, Zhenming Liu, Yanhua Li, Varun Kanade
NeurIPS, 2020

On Efficient Construction of Checkpoints
Yu Chen, Zhenming Liu, Bin Ren, Xin Jin
ICML, 2020

Dissecting the Learning Curve of Taxi Drivers: A Data-Driven Approach
Menghai Pan, Yanhua Li, Xun Zhou, Zhenming Liu, Rui Song, Hui Lu, Jun Luo
SDM, 2019 (best data science paper award)

DistCache: Provable Load Balancing for Large-Scale Storage Systems with Distributed Caching
Zaoxing Liu, Zhihao Bai, Zhenming Liu, Xiaozhou Li, Changhoon Kim, Vladimir Braverman, Xin Jin, Ion Stoica
FAST, 2019 (best paper award)

Near Neighbor Approach for Learning Random Preferences
Ao Liu, Qiong Wu, Lirong Xia, Zhenming Liu
AAAI, 2019 (full oral presentation)

DeepDecision: A Mobile Deep Learning Framework for Edge Video Analytics
Xukan Ran, Haoliang Chen, Xiaodan Zhu, Zhenming Liu, Jiasi Chen

From which world is your graph?
Cheng Li, Felix Wong, Zhenming Liu, Varun Kanade
NeurIPS, 2017

Delivering deep learning to mobile devices via offloading
Xukan Ran, Haoliang Chen, Zhenming Liu, Jiasi Chen
VR/AR Network@Sigcomm, 2017

On the Efficiency of Social Recommender Networks
Felix Wong, Zhenming Liu, Mung Chiang
In INFOCOM, 2015, (best paper award runner-up), and Journal Version appeared in Ton, 2016

Research Funding

My research group is supported by the following research grants:

  • NSF-2008557: SMALL: III: Combinatorial algorithms for high dimensional learning, sole PI (USD 390k). Thanks NSF!
  • NSF-1835821: Elements: Software: NSCI: A high performance suite of SVD related solvers for machine learning, coPI (USD 600k). Thanks NSF!
  • NSF-1755769. CRII: III: Theory and Practice of Learning on Graphs (USD 180k). Thanks NSF!
  • NEH: Transkribus and the Georgian Papers Programme TabularFormatted Manuscripts, coPI (USD 100k). Thanks NEH!
  • Activision/Blizzard gift. Thanks Activision!
  • Rutherford Fellowship at the Alan Turing Institute (UK). Thanks Alan Turing Institute!